Do you feel confident that you're making the right first impression in every room you walk in to?

Do you want to be able to decode people during business interactions and sales calls?

Creating a strong, confident presence is a critical skill for your success, regardless of what your role is. As an entrepreneur, I know first hand how important it is to be able to make a great first impression, gain trust quickly, and decode what's happening on the other side of interaction to get the outcome that I want.

When working with executives and professionals,
I hear that they are struggling with a few common things.
Have you found yourself thinking the same things? 

People seem to like me well enough but I'm not getting the outcomes that I want and I'm not as successful as I want to be
I want to be able to talk to anyone and really own the room, but I just don't feel comfortable in those situations
My "head trash" gets the best of me and makes me doubt myself when I have to speak in front of a group or give important presentations.
I'm an introvert and people sometimes underestimate me because I'm not the most outgoing person in the room


This is why I've built the
Power Body Language Communications Master Class.

It is an six-week virtual program where you collaborate alongside a group of successful professionals to level up your communications and people reading skills .
Here is what we will accomplish together in our virtual coaching sessions

  • WEEK 1:  Building Your 6 Key Areas of Influence
  • WEEK 2:  Communicate with Confidence in Any Situation
  • WEEK 3:  Create Trust Quickly with Anyone
  • WEEK 4:  Decode : Learn To Read Anyone in 60 Seconds
  • WEEK 5:  Develop Your Vocal Power
  • WEEK 6:  Increase your Social Authority


The good news is that the investment is only $497 , which includes your very own customized Power Body  Language  Training Guide, a 1:1 coaching session with me after completing the 6 sessions to personalize your learning and make immediate impact towards your goals, unlimited lifetime access to recordings of all sessions, and access to our private Facebook group community.

I will kickoff  the next session On April 19th -
and the academy meets once a week virtually over the lunch hour for six weeks.
I'm approaching maximum capacity for my Spring program.  Save your spot, or your team's spot now - registration closes April 10!


Lisa is a Communication Expert &
Certified Body Language Trainer