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  1. "Lisa recently provided a seminar to our employees on Decoding Nonverbal Cues in the Workplace. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, both the content and the delivery. Lisa is a great speaker and immediately engaged the audience and put them at ease. She was able to get people to interact with each other and have fun in the process! We received a lot of positive feedback after the session, and our employees learned a lot from Lisa. Her knowledge on this topic was impressive. Lisa was also very responsive and accommodating throughout the planning process, which helped ensure that everything ran smoothly the day of the event! I highly recommend Lisa!"
    Leah Brearley - Director of External Affairs at ACES
  2. "ENGAGING, WITTY and MEANINGFUL LESSONS. I've had the pleasure of connecting with Lisa and hosting her as our guest speaker for "Decoding Non Verbal Body Cues". She has a knack for connecting with people and engaging the audience with humor, "audience participation" exercises, her mega-watt smile, and her own vulnerability. Everyone could relate to her meaningful stories that were tied to powerful life lessons. She inspired and motivated each of us. It was obvious Lisa had done her homework in order to prepare a presentation to expertly address the topics/issues she and I discussed in advance. I couldn't have been more impressed or pleased. Kudos to her for a job "WELL DONE". I look forward to working with her again!"
    Loretta Hirsch - Operations Manager - Epic Insurance Solutions
  3. As a Certified Forensic Interviewer, I simply assume that I am a body language expert. I never gave much thought about how my own verbal cues could be a detriment to the successful outcome of an interrogation. After seeing Lisa Mitchell’s presentation “Power Body Language”, my perspective on being the body language expert has changed. By focusing on how I show up in a room and paying attention to my own mannerisms and non-verbal messaging, I have increased my admission rate and overall confidence. Lisa most certainly, knows her stuff!!!
    Christie Harrison - CFI
  4. "Lisa kept our audience engaged, actively participating, and smiling during the whole 2-hour presentation. Our group walked away knowing how to make a great first impression in new relationships, and immediately implemented Lisa’s tips on reading body language at our next networking gathering."
    Katie Allison - IMAA
  5. "Fear and trembling. That’s what I felt when a colleague asked me to speak on TV about an upcoming event. I immediately called Lisa Mitchell for advice. She didn’t just talk me through my near panic attack, but she showed up the next morning and coached me all the way into the TV station. In just a few minutes, she taught me how to sit, how to project my voice, and what to do with my shaky hands. The most valuable trick she taught me was how to instantly feel and BE more confident. Lisa knows her stuff and working with her was a breeze."
    Erika Parsons - Founder of Erika Parsons School of Creative Writing
  6. "Lisa has helped me understand that body language is both the conscious and unconscious non-verbal communication we use. It’s important for your body to be congruent with what you are saying and signaling. Lisa has shared her knowledge of body language to help me know how I may come across to other people and how to be able to read the signals that another person is sending back. Knowing and practicing these skills have increased my confidence in both my personal and professional life. From power posing, to displaying trusting hands, to mirroring agreement, to tone of voice, Lisa will coach you through the ins and the outs of body language. I guarantee you’ll increase your nonverbal impact and improve your communication skills overall."
    Kim Z - Power Body Language Client
  7. "I've been working with Lisa for the better part of a year now, and I feel beyond blessed by her tremendous gifts in the area of personal coaching. She exudes such passion for what she does, and that passion is apparent in her preparation for each session, her excitement and commitment to your growth, as well as in the knowledge and "ninja tips" she brings every time we meet. What began as an attempt to improve communication skills in the marketplace has become what feels like a very personal growth journey with improvement in communication and confidence in ALL areas of my life. I highly recommend reaching out to Lisa to begin a journey with her, as you will ultimately grow closer to the professional, employer, friend, spouse, or person you want to be!"
    Kelsey S - Power Body Language Client